The EMS forum: A collaborative tool to facilitate remote communication between students

Published on April 30, 2021 by Clémentine - Updated on 21 février 2022 à 15H36

With the forum, the teachers, the school staff and students can share a collaborative space and discuss varied, common subjects if this service is activated in the section.

Launch a discussion thread on the EMS with the forum

The forum is a secure discussion space. The forum administrator can moderate the comments on the subjects discussed.

During a period of remote teaching, the forum is a collaborative tool than can be used to provide educational continuity.

forum on ems
forum on ems

An example of a case where the EMS forum was used to provide educational continuity

To ensure educational continuity, Mr. Jean-Michel Delaune, Principal of the Louise Michel Junior School in Saint Etienne de Rouvray, used the Skolengo EMS Forum and Chat to provide effective scholarly assistance during a remote teaching period. These services allowed him to set up a collaborative reply box.

In the EMS, he created a “Reply Box” section in which he opened a forum and a chat. The students could access the forum via a direct link to the home page and to instructions for participating in the chat. By setting up these events, the students could obtain replies to their questions on activities and homework to do as well as learning assistance.

The chat was led by the educational assistant in charge of the “homework done” system and by an intervening party. It took place, 2 hours a day, four times a week. During these real-time exchanges, students had the possibility of asking for explanations or help with a homework that they had to do. Students felt supported and assisted in their learning.