Discover the class sections for developing remote collaborative work with Skolengo

Published on March 26, 2020 by Clémentine - Updated on 04 mars 2022 à 14H46

In the current context, the class can continue to live via the EMS, in particular using each class’s section, already available in the “Class spaces”. This section can be used by all teachers of each class to communicate with students and parents and to discuss with them, depending on the modalities defined by the teachers. But also to discuss with other teachers.

A place of discussion, publication and reflection

The class sections are a service that allows collaborative teaching practices between teachers and students. These sections are automatically generated by the EMS. Thus, all teachers have real autonomy in the creation of the sections. They can both feed the section dedicated to their class but also create sub-sections per subject, per project, per group of students, etc.

With class spaces, teachers offer students a place for discussion, for publication and for reflection by activating the blog service, the forum, the shared folder. Students will be able to contribute depending on the rights assigned by the teacher. This feature thus allows the class to supplement and to react to subjects collaboratively by feeding it with text, images, etc. The teacher also has the possibility of opening rights to parents so as to have access to class projects.

In the case of remote teaching ...

Teachers can for example, use the class section for:

  • Designing thematic articles: How to contact us? Where students can find resources on the EMS or elsewhere, etc.
  • Opening mutual help forums,
  • Creating a sub-section reserved for discussions between teachers of the class.
And once the section is ready, they invite students and parents to go there via a message in the messaging service!